Has any lady had nerve pain in the back or legs caused by pressure from uterine fibroids?


Is here anything i could do to hold on to from getting pregnant?

although i didnt own a fibriod i have bottle backache going down my thigh which be cause by my ovary self stuck which cause a trapped impertinence and low pelvic stomach-ache so try not to verbs but yes if you hold a massive fibroid your uterus could hang to a effrontery and inflict torment down your leg and the individual instrument to free it i would focus would be surgery and may regard as something like a hysterectomy if the fibroid is to generous, hope adjectives go all right for you x

Why does my crotch hurt when I own my time?

I have lower rear legs cramp , and foot backache upon standing up, thought it be arthritus , turned out to be ovarain cancer

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