I need a hysterectomy due to pelvic pain, fibroids, etc?

I am 45, and my doc think I should enjoy the ovaries taken out so that my pelvic misery is resolved, and so that no adjectives surgeries are needed. I am concerned around taking HRT but he assures me that it's not detrimental. Anyone enjoy any suggestion for me? I am have this done laparscopically and robotically so my recouping time is cut within partly. Instread of an 8 week seizure, it's 4. Thanks,

Does shady blood supposly during menstrual cycle ability your pregnant?

Well your surgery sounds much smaller quantity complicated later the traditional abdominal hysterectomy I'd have done a few years ago. You mention that simply your ovaries are going to be removed? Do they enjoy a cyst or adhesion's on them? Do you enjoy Endometriosis? I"ve have that, and the discomfort is really severe. I deem you'll fly through the surgery and be happier afterward since your spasm rank will lesson dramatically. I pinch Estradiol for my HRT and I'm 42. This is a automatic hormone to be precise path safer to use than profusely of the traditional hormones approaching Prevarin which is made from a Mare's urine. Good luck near your surgery!

I a moment ago started my extent and within is not much blood and it comes out contained by a dischargish form is this okay?

In July 2004 I have a procedure done call Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE) it be the practically non-invasive and some what strain free at hand is discomfort but rescue time is smaller number than 2weeks. Small micro scopic pellet are passed through your groin nouns into you tubes to block blood supply to your uterus and ovaries. It more medical details that you should look in to,but I'm glad i made this choice over surgical hysterectomy i be put a bet on home within my own bed surrounded by 24hrs. check into it. The one and only draw pay for be that i go straight within to menopause and i do suffer next to HOT FLASHES /cold hours of darkness sweats ,but the solitary entity my dr. suggested be soy milk or soy supplements and i also run black kahoosh root no HRT and I'm in a minute 52yrs young-looking GOOD LUCK to you...any suggestions on the hot flashes any one.

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