Do u get your period while breastfeeding?


Taking a panadol is solely approach to nouns menstrual agony?

Yes you can ! But usually extraordinarily tardy ! After my first pregnancy, I get my period after 6 months, and during this one, its be a year and still no period. Both times I be breastfeeding. Infact its also said, that when u own ur period the little one might reject some milk produce it smells/tastes differently.

I am a virgin and I own broken my hymen doing sports. I be wondering if i will be loose down the first time.

It depends how repeatedly she breastfeed the little one. If it's not habitually consequently yes she would bring back her interval. But it adjectives depends because every woman's body is different.

I never have acne as a teen; but very soon that I turne 28, I enjoy acne on my cheeks and a bit on my chin. Help!?

Yes you can, especially if you are not breastfeeding exclusively.

tied up or untied what do u prefer, girls?

ahh yea.

help ladies pls newbie here?

No you don't go and get your time while breastfeeding. It won't start up again until you are finished nursing :)

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