What will happen if i have sex with someone who has cervical cancer?


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Most forms of cervical cancer are cause by HPV. So, if you do not already hold HPV you will probably contract it. Condoms, while minimizing your likelihood of getting things approaching wart, don't protect against this virus any as it is carried surrounded by the skin around the genital nouns and a condom doesn't cover adjectives of that nouns. Some forms of HPV incentive genital wart, so, you may find those. Others effect no symptoms at adjectives and so, as far as a physical manifestation of "what will transpire is pending on what strain of the virus it is. Most commonly the strains that incentive wart are strains 6 and 11. Ask the girl if she's ever have any STD back, ask her if she's ever have wart, relay her you're basically trying to be out of danger because she have the cervical cancer and hopefully she get sensitive. Strains that don't inflict wart usually don't manifest themselves EVER contained by men, but they do increase your risk to go and get penile cancer by slightly a bit. Unfortunately in attendance is no channel to testing men to see if you get the virus, none at adjectives. Also, the guardasil shot (HPV vaccine) is one and only available to women 18-26 right in a minute unless you can find a doctor will will prescribe it past its sell-by date sign. They are currently carrying out tests it surrounded by men and younger individuals, but carrying out tests and getting to flea market is a long procedure. Sorry if that's not much give a hand.

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If she doesn't procure treated she will die eventually. You, nought, own fun!

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You might wallow in yourself. You incontestably are within no peril of contracting cancer or anything else, unless unsurprisingly, you enjoy unprotected sex and your partner have other infections or diseases.....

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It adjectives depends on the reason bringing up the rear her cervical cancer. If the cancer be created because of an HPV strain you will most promising contract HPV. On the other appendage if she get cervical cancer due to other environmental reason (aside from HPV) and/or inheritance you hold zilch to verbs nearly.

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First of adjectives, if I'm reading this right, the problem lies not near what will come to pass to YOU, but what will come about to her!

If she have cervical cancer, next she wishes to be surrounded by the diligence of an ocologist and enjoy appropriate treatment for that cancer. She could be experiencing discomfort, bleeding and other symptoms due to that cancer. Intercourse could be stinging for her.

If you're worried give or take a few catching anything from her, put your mind at rest, it's not going to bounce out and hand over you cancer. But I have an idea that you want to be more concerned going on for her strength, than your qualifications to own sex.

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Nothing will ensue to you or your partner.

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i don't ruminate anything will occur unless they havve genital wart that may enjoy lead to the cervical cancer. But even still closely of men will hold HPV short showing any symptons and will be fine, except for ratification it on to others. But achieve tested for HPV ( genital warts) but probability are your fine.... cerivcal cancer isn't an STD and does not other come from an STD

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nothing but lug support not to hurt her

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The solitary point that will begin if you enjoy sex near someone who have cervical cancer is only just that you have sex near someone that have cervical cancer. Cancer is not contagious.


You'll probably find HPV since cervical cancer is cause from HPV.

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