What do i do about Menstrual Cramps?

Well I'm 19.. get my period when I was10... I dont bring to mind the agony individual so painful within days gone by 9 years.. it hurts seriously this time (usually, it does affliction.. but its mostly bearable)

So any planning how to combat this? I dont wanna bring pills.. sleeping is the individual entity I can estimate of.. n I've already slept for 12 hours..

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I've have extremely impossible menstrual cramps most of my existence. When I be a juvenile they be so discouraging one time that I be walking through the upstairs hallway surrounded by my parents house, saw spots, and fell down from the dull pain. Getting on a well brought-up birth control pill have help greatly. When I didn't enjoy any pain-killers on foot my best bet be to purloin a hot tub. I'd sit within the hip bath, return with the marine as hot as I could, and used my paw to hose the sea over the cramping nouns. I tried showers, straight baths, and hot-pads but they in recent times didn't work as powerfully. After I be done next to my tub, I'd be in motion to bed and try to sleep. I'd stretch for a few minutes, and later lay on my put a bet on and holding my legs to my chest (fetal position on the back) help much too. When I could stand to do it, going for a nice long waddle would also give a hand...the problem logically is that when cramping the LAST entity contained by the world I'd want to do be progress for a wander, but when I'd force myself, it would help out much. Lastly, I found the worst entry within the world to do be sit on the potty. When I'd do that (because I'd take that passion resembling I needed to no situation what), it'd simply cause stuff worse.

Good luck though :( cramps are the worst ever!

i call for a womans give support to.?

Take Advil and Tylenol, alternating every 3 hours. Here's an example time rota:

Let's voice you appropriate advil at 8:00 am

8:00 am: 2 advil
3 hours later
11:00 am: 2 tylenol
3 hours later
2:00 pm: 2 advil
3 hours later
5:00 pm: 2 tylenol
3 hours later
8:00 pm: 2 advil

and so on till you budge to bed. Thats what I do and it help a TON. Also, you should kind sure to capture plenty iron (there's seriously within cream of wheat, I think) since you lose profusely during your spell. A hotwater bottle also should backing, and of late lay down. Actually, I believe you might want to stroll around a touch to maintain your muscles from getting cold and clenching up.

Hope I could abet!

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I deduce your inkling on not wanting to appropriate pills, but sometimes you do what you enjoy to to capture by. Honestly I would see if a girlfriend have some Pamprin or Midol to see if it help you any. If you are TOTALLY against that view simply drink lots and lots of marine which will assist the bloating for one point. Also, put a heat wipe over your stomach. I find that help closely when my cramps are at their worst. Hope you find something to work for you!

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The biggest things that hold help me the most are exercising more (don't know why that help, but it does), not simply while on your spell but contained by standard, and cramps are usually not as unpromising if you're on the birth control pill. When I be contained by lofty arts school my doctor certainly put me on the pill a moment ago because my cramps be so unpromising, and it unequivocally help. If you already enjoy cramps, try putting a heat wad on your tummy and taking some ibuprophen.

have any larger chested women experienced this?

When i be attacked by menstrual cramp somebody carried me to our department clinic and the nurse agree to me lay frontage down pillow on my belly after consent to my buttock up. Of course my knees supporting my body. Then unbearbble throbbing subisided. I suffered oodles years. but the cure is when I attended born again christian fellowship.

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You can do knees chest position for at lowest 10 minutes to re-leave the cramping. For the first time it will hurt seriously while you're doing the exercise but, when you this constantly you will bring use to it eventualy. Do this up to that time you turn to sleep or while you're reading or watching TV. You can do this any time when you are relax.

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I see that you don't close to pills, and that personage be right, you can do that regime,(every two hours alternate between ibuprophen and tylenol) but if you want to embezzle smaller quantity pills, try midol, it is awfully devoted, and last fairly a bit of time.

Also putting a wet bottle where on earth the affliction is is accepting or a heat wipe. Exercising can also relieve the misery, as powerfully as sex.

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I found that one tylonel and one advil mixed be really great. The polite report is that after you own a kid.. .period aren't as prickly. Mine be alarming around your age.

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I used to get hold of cramps so doomed to failure that I would throw up and be dizzy and sweaty adjectives hours of daylight. And I can`t stand pills too. But presently I'm no birth control pills and I still draw from some cramps but they are bearable. Heating pad help me profoundly.

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you call for to see a doctor and find out if you enjoy fiberoids or something, it varying so much should not appear. hot showers, i used to stack books on my belly and that help, heat pad, bengay rub on my lower hindmost, belly, etc. oh and red raspberry fern tea.

What can i use.?HELP!?

start exercising more, this works for me.

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