Vitamins & herbs for uterine fibroids?

has anyone have any luck on reducing their uterine fibroids via herb and vitamins

Nurses, doctors, and medical experts, please?

Fibroids are estrogen driven.
Dr. John Lee have great nouns contained by treating them beside bioidentical progesterone. It oppose the estrogen, and balance out the effects.

You can read more at his website

More recommendation for beneficial fibroids by Dr. John Lee:

* Use inborn progesterone cream.
* Eat a plant-based, fiber rich diet (at smallest 20-30g fiber per day)
* Take a liver-supporting and detoxifying herbal formula that includes the following herb: Bupleurum, milk thistle (silybum marianum), barberry or goldenseal, burdock root, wan dock, dandelion root.
* Take a uterus-healing herbal formula that includes some or adjectives of the following herb: myrrh, red raspberry, cayenne, Bupleurum, yarrow, vitex and woman's mantle (Alchemilla mollis)
* Use a castor grease pack 2-4 times a week (many books on herbal invigorating hold instructions on how to construct and use a castor grease pack.)

* Unopposed estrogen
* Dairy products
* Feed-lot meat (eat single range-fed, natural meat free of drugs and pestiside residue)
* Coffee (heavily sprayed near DDT)

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For question close to this you MUST own a copy of this book:
Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing
by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC.

Recomended Herbs: Dandelion root, milk thistle, scutellaria (Chinese skukkcap) root, and turmeric rhizonme adjectives are powerfull antioxidants that exterminate toxins.

Green tea

Red Clover and burdock root both aid in cleanind the bloodstream.

Coenzyme Q10
Floradix Iron
Vitamin A beside mixed cartenoids
Vitamin C near bioflavonoids

These are merely a few examples, but dance to you local library or Amazon and bring back the book. Read it, try a few of the suggestions, and see what works best for you. Best wishes for suitable condition. All the best!!

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