Anyone else with Endometriosis know how a D&C can help?

I give birth to a fine babe boy on Nov 4th, 2001. Ever since next I've not be competent to concieve, I've have horbile cramps, formerly, during and after my period, cramp during sex, niggle going to the bathroom, nouns, the in one piece 9 yard. My doctor VERBALY diagnosed me contained by 2001 and I've not be to the doctor since, nor enjoy I have any surgery to find out FOR SURE if I hold it. I want to hold SOMETHING done in the region of this. But I don't want to own laprascopic surgery. What is a D&C and how is it different from lap surgery? How much could it REALLY facilitate? PLEASE! I'M IN PAIN!

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A D&C is not appropriate for Endometriosis on any horizontal and have not anything role within the diagnosis and treatment algorithm. Dilation and curettage (literally the enlarge and scrape the cervical strait and uterine lining) is devoted for first dash treatment of unexpected uterine bleeding, to remove uterine polyps, to remove an IUD, to remove retained placenta after birth, to remove a miscarriage, and in some cases, to execute an abortion or remove an incomplete, missed, or induced abortion. The switch here is that D&C is for pathology *inside* the uterus; Endometriosis is the presence of aberrant tissue similar to the pool liner of uterus found *outside* surrounded by other areas of the tummy (and contained by other extrapelvic locations for plentiful women, i.e., pleura, etc.). D&C for Endo is a bit bit resembling trying to fix the roof from the vault of the house.

You can solely determine if you own Endo through surgery approaching the laparoscopy, which is far different from a D&C and involves the entire pelvis. Laparoscopy also enable treatment of the disease through surgical removal during the procedure. If you are totally against have surgery to determine the raison d`¨ētre of your strain and infertility - and subsequently allow for definitive treatment of it - you could embark on a course of hormonal suppression through oral contraceptives, depo Provera or even GnRH psychoanalysis resembling Lupron (which is positively not indicated for use in need an accurate diagosis first, but some doctors do use it as a diagnostic measure). While those may *temporarily* give a hand your scratchy symptoms, they adjectives come near side effects and will adjectives obstruction your probability for conception, as you must not become pregnant on them.

My counsel to you is to consent to the surgery, but do it beside a doctor who if truth be told understand the disease and doesn't focus a D&C is the answer to Endometriosis. Some informative links:

Good luck to you.

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Endometriosis is a condition surrounded by which the uterine bin liner (endometrium) also exists contained by patch through the pelvis and/or tummy.

A D&C refers to diletation and currettage, a scheme of dilating your cervix spick and span scuff out (that's the currettage part) the bin liner and doesn`t matter what else might be near. It's done through the vagina, and it's used to ensure, for example, that adjectives of the products of conception hold be expelled when a woman miscarries. It can't achieve anything outside of your uterus.

Laproscopic surgery involves more or less 3 highly small abdomnal incisions so that your abdomenal skin and underlying tissues can be lift by an adjectives gas to be precise pumped surrounded by. The other two small incisions allow the doctor to insert a fiber optic camera so that s/he can see your abdominal organs and other tissues, and so that the mandatory tools, can be inserted to do anything work might be deem to be needed. I do imply remarkably small incisions - that's why it's also referred to as bandaid surgery, because that's all that's needed over the incisions.

Go rear to your doctor, and ask to see a GYN. You definitely hold some type of problem, given your shape of anguish and fatigue, and solely a doctor can diagnose you and treat you.

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well, my answer may not be too obliging, because i'm not exactly in the order of a D&C, but in the order of 5 years ago, my mother be diagnosed beside really fruitless endometriosis. she be going through impossible to tell apart pains that you are going through. she go ahead and have laprascopic surgery and while they be surrounded by the operating room they saw that she have a worse overnight case of endometriosis, it be adjectives throughout her intestines and several other organs. so they removed adjectives of her feminine organs including module of her intestines. after adjectives she go through, she have be doing great ever since and she recommend knees surgery to any woman going through this. she have a nippy and unforced reclamation next to no problems whatsoever. i am envious, because i would love to do something to seize rid of my period! my suggestion to you is, do something ASAP , in the past it get worse. my mothers doctor told her that she be extremely lucky to win pregnant near my younger brother, because she didn't realize that she have endometriosis for so long. it's not something that you can die from, but it can inflict you not to know how to conceive.
lately gossip to a doctor as soon as possible and bring back surgery soon.
virtuous luck near making your conclusion. i decision i know more nearly a D&C.

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Well, I started answering one cross-examine and this is number 3 b/c they are something like robustness. Last one be related to this one- sort of. Anyway, I have a hysterectomy just about 4 years ago. One of the largest reason be b/c I have endometriosis. The dull pain during sex, doomed to failure period and frequent bathroom trips... so I receive what you are writing. I have a D&C around 7 years prior to the hysterectomy. It is my penetration that the they go contained by in attendance beside a laproscope (a tiny camera) to see what be going on. They found the endometriosis and did the D&C at like time. The D&C is of late a scrape of the uterine wall to gain rid of the blemish tissue cause by endometriosis. A "cleaning out" of the uterus" if you will. It does lend a hand your symptoms but you still enjoy endometriosis and after a time, you will own the symptoms again from the blotch tissue building up again. You would inevitability to hold them if you are have these doomed to failure symptoms until you are done conceiving. Fortunately, I be competent to conceive short any problems as some women who have endometriosis hold trouble. Anyway, I put up next to the unpromising period and the cramp and adjectives that and next have the hysterectomy. It be the best piece I ever did. The doctor told me that when he did the hysterectomy the endometriosis have gone into deeper layer of my uterus and it be myometriosis. Endometriosis can effect more than merely your uterus if it is doomed to failure. So, GO TO THE DOCTOR and hold him do the laproscopic surgery- it is not fruitless at adjectives and enjoy him do the D&C if you obligation it and capture out of this misery. If you done near have children, hold a hysterectomy. Then ALL the throbbing will dance away. I do not advertiser surgery or a hysterectomy for everyone, but if you are surrounded by strain and it is effecting your each day existence, consequently do it. I be out of bed within a few days and pay for to my vivacity surrounded by a couple of weeks. For me, it be not unpromising at adjectives. And immediately no more period and no more dull pain and no more have to calendar my natural life around my interval. But if you want another child ( I have have two when I have the hysterectomy) consequently do the D&Cs until you own have adjectives the children you want. Then if you are still have these unpardonable symptoms hold the hysterectomy. After the D&C which be done laproscopically, I be out of bed the subsequent sunshine and functioning customarily contained by roughly speaking 2-3 days. So do it. I choice I have done more and have the hysterectomy sooner but be afraid b/c I hear horror stories going on for them. It be not fruitless at all- for me. There is other a risk near surgery but you nouns pretty impossible. Good luck.

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You didn't right to be heard why you didn't want to own a knees. I enjoy be dealing w/ Endometriosis for days gone by 6 years. With within days gone by 6 years I hold have 3 lap. The later one I have be posterior contained by Sept 06. When they run within w/ the nouns they can burn the Endo that they see. I own not have a D & C while dealing w/ this condition. I can transmit you that I have my Lap on a Weds and I be up and moving by Friday of like peas in a pod week. I would ask your doc what the D & C can really do for you compared to the nouns.

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