Lupron Depot for Endometriosis?

I be diagnosed next to Endometriosis for a time over a month ago. My doctor recommended the Lupron Depot shots for treatment. I own read adjectives of the information on Lupron my doctor give me and started my shots later week. I be only just wondering if anyone could enlighten me in the order of their experience next to Lupron Depot and if they experience the side effects, or other side effects not stated and if it really help next to the spasm.

Hot flashes?

I did 6 months of lupron within 2000 when I be diagnosed beside endometriosis. This is a pretty tough drug-instant menopause. Side effects i experienced be hot flashes, hours of darkness sweats, mood swings, shrinking within breast size, trim down surrounded by sexual drive, vaginal dryness. It refer to it as my 6 months of hell. However, preserving my fertility be extremely influential to me, as I be with the sole purpose 21 years out-of-date, and have a correct friend who be going through horrible infertility issues due to endometriosis. Since going sour lupron, I hold be on birth control and enjoy have no twinge. I hold not tried to return with pregnant (yet!), but I hold soaring hopes that adjectives will be ably. If you enjoy severe anguish, or you really want to do everything you can to create sure that you can still own kids, I do recommend this drug. For me, totally worth the hassle.

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