I feel fatigue & lightheaded in the morning! My normal blood pressure is 90/80 or 90/70. I dunno whats wrong!!

This is my rota during the week:
1. Wake up at 6:30AM
2. Start Work 7:30AM
3. Leave Work 3:30AM

Usually I carry 30 mins break for lunch... but at around 8:00 or 8:30 AM I hold my green tea or coffee... There are somedays where on earth I grain my pressure is dropping so promptly that I am gonna wobbly. The other time my colleague get me salted river and I be fine afterwards.

I be a sign of I guzzle decent.. I own herbal teas (mostly Jasmin and green tea) so what is really wrong beside me! Why I am fancy so dizzy and light-headed profusely lately..

PS: We moved from the 8th to the 20th floor at work... I never have loftiness problems similar to that! So I dont know what to related to!

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This problem happen to me during the daylight l own to guzzle every 3 or 4 hours its get to do next to your metabolism and to much green tea is not that apt for you, it could be have a differing repercussion too Meany antioxidant's surrounded by your blood, your white blood count may be low.

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keep some gatorade around and sip it throughout the hours of daylight.

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mabe your body desires more rest

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Your BP is fine. Get your blood sugar level tested. Hope you are not living on tea.

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Sounds approaching low blood sugar. See a doctor.

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If you enjoy robustness insurance, perchance you should relate your doctor going on for it and see if you should return with an EKG.

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Not to receive personal, but is it a possibility that you may be pregnant? If so, by a pregnancy utensils.
If to be exact not it, you may have need of medication for your low blood pressure. If your BP is that low during your wakeful hours, it is probably hugely low while you are at rest. You inevitability to see your doctor to be on the secure side. Plus, you will own a piece of mind.

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Potential cause array from stress to mild infections to heart rhythm problems and even blood clots. If the problem recur or fail to resolve promptly, I would suggest you contact your regular physician and at least possible catch a fitting history and physical exam.

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you could be anemic...you could own low blood sugar or you could be dibetic (high blood sugar) or you could own altitude sickness (don't screech, some population CAN go and get altitude sickness of late individual a few foot within the atmosphere...you're 200 (20th floor, 10ft ceilings) foot up, more or smaller quantity..
Maybe you drink too much tea..it's a diuretic. (you involve extra hose down, potassium and salt)

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your blood pressure is not flawless....and contained by the morning you surface fatigue and lightheaded because your blood pressure is too low,you should try getting out of bed slowly and at a snail`s pace.In the morning munch through something sugary and most importantly, dance see a doctor.

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You necessitate to see a doc to find out what is going on. Also consider getting a blood pressure monitor and hold your BP when quality lightheaded. Get this checked out though until that time it attain serious and you do intervene out.

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You're blood pressure is on the low call a halt of mundane. I suggest you own a complete physical exam to determine the underlying effect of your fatigue and lightheadedness.

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Why don't you own a complete medical done? I show you can't verbs to hang on to worrying can you. If it is blood pressure that you are worried more or less and if you want to try out some home remedies you may maybe longing to pop in this website which i found remarkably informative.
http://ailments.in/hypertension.html... - I found it thoroughly adjectives.

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