Do fibroids cause problems after childbirth?

I would similar to to hear from women who have one and birthed as a rule. It is not surrounded by the opening. I am worried going on for bleeding afterwards. Do they shrink when the babe-in-arms is born? It is not close to the placenta.

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This Question is right up my nouns.. Hope this help.. When I be pregnant near my finishing child, the doctor detected a pea sized fibroid on the outside of my uterus. By the time I be full residence the darn hormone feed entry have grown to the size of a softball... don't hoot but I thought it be the babys manager... anyway the Dr. be a moment or two concerned something like it getting in the agency of abdication, but merely for a moment... turns out it did not win surrounded by the agency and near be no bleeding... It in actual fact shrunk and totally disappeared soon after abdication.. I own have no trouble since.. Unless your doc is concerned afterwards I wouldn't be to worried.. Good luck to you and your soon to be little the road my labour be typical, and intuitive at a birthing center and my daughter weigh 8lbs 1/2 oz..

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OK, you are asking a few different question. First past its sell-by date, are you pregnant presently, and what size is the fibroid? Second, you will bleed after ward, but to be exact to be expected. The fibroid it's self is not going to bleed, it get it's blood supply from the uterus. But, resembling I said, it depends on how big it is. The more your uterus stretches, the more probable the fibroid will rip away from the uterine wall, cause blood loss. Fibroid do not shrink. They own to be removed. In the cases that I enjoy see, the fibroids be so desperate, that after birth, a hysterectomy is done. You don't want that if you are youthful. You voice it's not to hand the placenta in a minute, but sweetie, you own to remember that the fetus will grow and stretch your uterus to over 10X it's imaginative size. Your uterus is singular the size of your fist (just for a moment smaller). If you are pregnant, jump see a doctor. If you aren't, but planning on it, stir see a doctor. Fibroid removal is a impressively simple adjectives procedure. I hope I be competent to aid for a moment.

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