Is it true that taking birth control pills may cause to become depressed?

I am taking Yasmin, and do grain mournful and angry and depressed adjectives the time, but I thought it be purely me...

I get my interval HELP PLEASE? EMERGENCY?

It merely depends on how your body react to the pill. Some associates own that problem next to adjectives birth control. However, I can speak that I have impossible to tell apart problem on Yasmin. My doctor switched me to Ovcon, and I feel better. Depending on how long you hold be on it I would consult to your doctor. They similar to to grant three months back they switch it, because of the different hormone level surrounded by the pills. It might be that you aren't on the right pill for your body.

breast niggle?

birth controll pills supply you hormones, as you know. and it vary the moods you will be within, if you see a main difference, you should dance see your doctor.

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