What is emergency contraception pill (Plan B)?


Nuvaring users?

Plan B is known to be call " the morning after pill" Plan B is intended to prevent pregnancy after unproted sex (if a contraceptive fails or if no contraceptive be used). It contains levonorgestrel which is a synthetic hormone (progestine) commonly used in birth control pills. It is for emergency use, & should not be used in place of regular contraceptive since its not effective as regular contraceptives. The pill is used as soon as posible in 72 hours of unprotected sex & the second tablet 12 hours after you've taken the first tablet. Plan B is very influential. It reduces the risk of pregnancy following single deed of unprotected sex from about 8% down to 1%, this represents an 89% decrease in risk of pregnancy for this single achievement of unprotected sex.
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I'm two weeks deferred taking my birth control. If I start up again today, when will my period start?

it's also call the morning after pill, and is shown to be effective contained by stopping any conception with contained by the first 72 hours after having sex. you can capture it at your local planned parent hood. it makes you be aware of like crap for a morning or two, and can possibly bring on an early spell. they generally contribute it to women who have be raped. but if you have an "oops" the darkness before you can return with the pill as well. a own flesh and blood doctor is also able to prescribe it to you.

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