Can you sue a Hospital, If you capture a tubal ligation.?

and get pregnant and enjoy a miscarriage?

Please someone tell me what to do!?!?!?

The doctor did the tubal, not the hospital. About suing, you really entail to talk to an attorney around this. Several lawyers tender a free initial consult for this type case.

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hell yea

How do I stop menstrual cramps FAST!?

Nothing is 100%.

What does it mean if you enjoy random pains in your heart?

no. they let somebody know you that it doesn't work 100%.

Stretch marks argggggggh!?

Yes you can, and women hold done so and won.

Help I'm Bleeding Heavy?

no there not 100% gauranteed near was a percentage that it would be possible you newly happen to be that 1 % . no you cant sue

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JusMe is correct. It is not 100% forceful. You would not win your case I'm afraid

How reliable and accurate is planned fatherliness?

I am sure you signed a waiver telling you that the operation is not powerful 100% of the time on everyone and that there are still risks of getting pregnant.
So my answer is no.

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No you cannot. You signed a consent before surgery that spelled out the risks and benefits, within addition to that it is not a 100% successful operation (samething go for vasectomies).

I'm sorry that you had a miscarriage. There is a small percentage of tubal ligations that don't work.

Birth control cause breast augmentation?

No, you cannot.

When one has a tubal ligation or other form of sterilization, one is told of the risks of possible pregnancy. It's not 100% significant. In fact, though not exceptional, ectopic pregnancies (tubal pgcy) can be a risk, and it is stated in adjectives literature regarding tubal ligations.

I'm so exceedingly sorry for your loss. I myself had a miscarriage a while ago, I know the backache. I wish you the best.

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