Stress over stress delay a period?tricky quiz?

ok so you know how you dont get your interval for like months is it true that stress over you skipping your extent is the stress thats delaying it ?
but im 12 so i hold just started so.

What does it be going to when you smell real doomed to failure down there no event how much you wash?

could be. my friend skipped 5 months and i know a few other citizens who skipped a couple months. I have hear alot of times its from stress. But your body is also new to adjectives the changes going on near your body. Developing and soon within a year or so of getting your term its will be on normal scheduele. Good luck hope i help.

Terminology question?

stress can deferment a period generally just days not weeks or months, your hitch is normal as it take your system time to be regular as it develops

Is it too much?

stress can delay your spell but not for substational amounts of time

Woman advice?

for u it probably is hormones trying 2 stablize

What to read aloud? Please be honest and know what you are talking more or less when you answer this.?

it happens to adjectives of us woman,it happened tons of times to me and it takes time for your hormones to adjust,just relax and it will come to pass,if anything talk to your doctor nearly your concern

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