If a human being has HIV, herpes or any other sex diseases, can they ever enjoy sex again?

I mean because they will simply give it to their partner right?

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There are certainly websites that serve as dating services for people next to specific STD's so they won't have to verbs about spreading it to a non-carrier.

Sex beside prostitute?

YES, they can have sex and they partner can achieve it. not always will the partner find it. so yeah

Can you start your bith control any time of the month?

u could but i don't think other inhabitants would want to have sex next to you, personally I wouldn't

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using a condom


They can and do own sex. They educate themselves on the desease and practice protected sex according to the needs of that STD.

I'm using Mirena (IUD) for birth control, does anyone else use it?

yes they can if they communicate their partner n are very sensible n use protection. but their partner needs to know b4 appendage so they can choose themself if they want to proceed sexually

Is there any point in me taking The Pill at the moment?

Not other there's at tiniest a 5% chance the soul may be luck and not contract the sickness

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! Personal questions, tips and experiences will def. serve!?

It means you can't hold sex with me.

My doctor say I have low calcium level?

Honestly, if you have to ask this request for information, you're probably too young to be have sex. This is a good press for your doctor.

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If you have an std such as hiv or herpes you should stop have sex for ever because you will pass it on to someone and its not worth it.

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Please don't come to my house!

Will the birth control Implanon give me adjectives side effects?

they can but they most lilkely will give the disease to the other personality. It's important to not when you enjoy HIV because so many ppl die from Aids it's outrageous.

GIRLS lone!?

they can still have sex but their partner will seize it from them so its better not to

Female with ball?

It is possible. But they must take precautions. Use condoms. The lend a hand prevent the spread of the disease.

My boyfriend said i cant get pregnant if we own sex during my period is this true?

You can own sex again.but you have to give somebody a lift precautions to protect your partner.

Magic Johnson has HIV .he have a sex life beside his wife...very helpful so they both say.

PERIOD PROBLEM! i havent have it 4 six wks??

well yes ... but if they use a condom they would be fine.

Is it true?

those diseases all leak under the sexually transmitted diseases catagory which finances that you have to enjoy sex with some one who have it to get it..capably you shouldent but a lot of population dont know they have it until they obtain they get the symptoms you know so its too unpunctually

Ok ive been on my term for 42 days now i go to the doctor they put me on birth control?


Does it hurt having sex?

the ask is not "if they can" but "should they". and yes they can there are medication that help weaken outbreaks of std's. but they should always wear protection.as loud as it may sounds, there are nation out there who are practically "walking std's" all the same they don't care to update their partners anything. it's okay to ask them question about their condition or even test results up to that time having sex.that's what i did near my bf before we approved to have sex...we both get tested. it's the smart thing to do.

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Of course you can, you basically need to be incredibly very carefull. Go to your doctor, or the strength department and talk to them just about it.. And get adjectives the info about the diseases. Read up and take care.


What is the best condoms?

Yes, but not with me!

I've be feeling really exhausted lately, i hold no energy for anything. can anyone back me?

Of course they can still have sex. One of my historic girlfriends had herpes, she controlled her outbreaks near medicine and would not be intimate next to me if she even thought that she may be having an outbreak. Consequently, she never passed herpes on to me or anyone else. For those next to herpes, or practically any other disease there are dating sites for those beside similar conditions. Which may in certainty make finding an interested mate easier than if you have no disease ?


I think they own to wear condoms, and not do anything but straight sex, no oral, etc. I was reading a booklet and after reading it I feel that the world is over after you get any std's and I am in a minute afraid of what to do. You do not know what you might catch.

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yes associates with stds can still enjoy sex, and as a matter of reality people beside HIV can get pregnant and own healthy HIV Negative babies...google trickery johnson...

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