I enjoy a question in the region of cramping?

I woke up and was on my extent this morning. I started my period give or take a few eight months ago. This morning was the heaviest it have ever been, blood is pooring from me... and i enjoy to change tampons every hour. My mom is out of town and will be backbone late tonight. She is contained by meetings adjectives day so i cant name her, and i have be having unforgivable cramps. I feel close to crying and lying in bed all time, but my dad and brother and i have be planning to go see harry potter 5 and step to my favorite resteraunt. I cant let them down, and i cant relate them why i dont want to go, ethier. My dad have been lying me up beside chores, even cleaning HIS room. Its very thorny for me to even get out of bed and i dont know what to do. What caring of medicine can i nick for the pain? will advil or tylonol work? Also im not going to report my dad, He would just articulate to suck it up. All my friends moms have be busy, no one to converse to. I need a affliction killer for this considerate of stuff, and FAST!

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advil or tylonol should work. drink spring water. i wouldn't get the impression bad. i used to gain super sick until i got on birth control. i would achieve nauseas and sometimes throw up. i'd also get diarrhea. my doctor told me not to munch through any dairy while i was on my time. and it helped. i'd try to explain to your dad that you are not thought well. hopefully by tomorrow or the subsequent day it should carry better. midol is awesome, too. when your mom gets home, yak to her about your experience. ask her if she will buy some midol and preserve it at the house for next time. also, if it continues resembling this every month and you can't get out of bed or step to school... cooperate to your mom and doctor about other option that will help dwindle cramping and things such as birth control. you don't have to be have sex to use birth control - it also controls cramps and sickness.

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well...tell them that u get the impression really sick and tylonol should work

wow thats a hard give somebody the third degree

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take you some ibuprofen (motrin). NSAIDs are the best thing for cramps because they are intended to block prostaglandins which is what causing the vile cramps. Motrin is the best thing to lift on your period. Hope that help hun.

I would tell your dad i am bleeding from the crotch and to donate me alone.

that should scare him past its sell-by date for a while

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Take some motrin or tylenol.
Tell your dad that you have a migraine that channel you can lie surrounded by bed all time.

Or. put 2 super pads on and FALSE doing the chores..like freshly throw your dad's clothes under the bed and pick them up when you be aware of better - then shift to the movies

Or. go into the bathroom and don't come out - conceivably that will send him the message.

Or. not genuine puking - that way your dad cant articulate just suck it up.

You don't enjoy many apt options
I feel your misery!

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If you are bleeding that much, needing to alteration tampons every hour, and having severe cramps, you involve to be seen by a physician. That's not typical bleeding.

Take care of you! Tell your dad what's wrong and that this is NOT everyday for you.

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