Have you have a tubal ligation?

I'm considering having my tubes tied contained by October when I deliver my baby.I have a vaginal delivery and severely easy seizure with my first kid and I'm wondering how this might affect things as far as recovery-pain and getting up and about,etc. Thanks,ladies!!

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I have mine done 5 years ago. I was supposed to enjoy it the day following my labour, but I ended up have an emergency c-section and while I was asleep they did the tubal right within. So I only hold the scar from the branch. My recovery be a breeze, better than when I'd had my vaginal labour 14 years prior to the section. Although from time to time I did surface some discomfort where my tubes be, nothing serious though. Then a couple years ago I have a hysterectomy & I don't have any problems. Good luck. 2D

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I got mine done when my kid be a couple years old, but I be back at work surrounded by 3 days. When they do the laproscopic surgery, the incision is really tiny and after a couple days, I started forgetting to take the spasm medication they gave me.


A tubal ligation will probably transport less curative time then the nativity healing time. They do saturate your abdominal cavity with nouns to do the laproscopy so you will have some gas throbbing But like I said, after confinement, TL will be a walk contained by the park. I only missed 2 days of work. My one and only problem is that my belly button is not as cute as it used to be (like I care).

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i have my tubes tied last year. i be kinda scared but everything go great. i decided on the clips, go in for surgery, they took me within the back, put a gown on, hooked up an IV and the nurses took me final to the operating room, which wasnt at all approaching i imagined. they knocked me out, and the subsequent thing i know i woke up, the only desperate part is you gain some mild cramping from the gas the fill you up beside, but its usually gone the first 24 hours, they made 2 incisions, 1 in my belly button and 1 above my pubic bone, you hardly see them, recovery be great and i didnt feel any agony after wards, i did bruise pretty devout though, i was at a event the next light of day lol if its something you want go for it, its not as desperate as ppl make it give the impression of being. good luck!

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