Does Tricare cover breast implant?

I was breast feed and now that I am done I want my boobs support (as do man y other women out there) and I am trying to figure out if tricare will cover breast implant. My son literally took EVERYTHING out of them. LOL!

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I seriously doubt that Tricare will cover implants. I know Tricare is military insurance, so if didn't enjoy a double masectomy then it's considered a cosmetic procedure. Other than a moment ago trying some exercises that attempt to lift, firm and tone your breasts, I don't enjoy any other suggestions.

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I'm not sure what Tricare is, but usually insurance will not cover breast implant. The only instance I can come up with of would that they might cover it if you've had a mastectomy. I took out a personal loan for mine.

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Usually insurance doesn't cover implant unless you are having a mastectomy. It's considered elective surgery, because it doesn't effect your vigour.

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Nope, I think they will solely cover it if it is a breast reconstruction i.e. from an chance or attack.

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