I kissed an HIV positive girl and having not detrimental sex , what are chances of have this infection?


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Considering there is NO "not dangerous sex" other than any self gratification or one partner for life, you are a dutiful candidate for HIV.

While kissing may not be the source of the infection, sex is a fixed. Using prophylactics is like trying to overrun the grand canyon beside pebbles. Pretty useless.

Why you ask? Because vaginal fluid gets on your scrotum, and if you own any open spots approaching acne, you are susceptible to the infection. They don't tell you this within the "safe sex" drum up support because the more infected people in attendance are, the more money the pharmaceutical industry makes. And the more ethnic group to experiment on to find a cure. Sad, but true.

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No chance from the kiss unless both your jaws were bleeding
If you used a condom extraordinarily little chance from the sex

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Chances are that kissing her did nothing. Having sex is pretty risky even if you be using a condom. As long as none of the condoms broke (even breaks that are microscopic) then you should most expected be fine. You NEED to go to the doctor and go and get some tests done.

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HIV is not transmitted via casual contact or kissing. It can singular be passed on through exposure to HIV-infected blood, sexual or rectal fluids, or breast milk.

The most common ways are:

have sex with someone who is hiv positive, surrounded by which sexual fluids are passed into the penis, vagina, or anus

Sharing infected needles or syringes when injecting drugs.

The lesser adjectives ways are:
oral sex
unscreened or untreated transfusions of hiv infected blood
an accident contained by the medical setting, in which the vigour care worker is exposed to infected blood during surgary or casual needle injury.
hope i could be of some assistance to you. I want you to know that as long as you practice undisruptive sex, you r ok. kissing wont give you aids, so kiss away.

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Kissing cannot transmit HIV.

If you used a condom, and it was used correctly, it be 97% effective at protecting you from the HIV virus.

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as/ you know/ nontoxic sex /is 99.9% effective/ congratulations on being responsible/ BUT/ hold on to in mind /you /have /higher risk/ of contracting/ HIV /because/ she is HIV+

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you should be safe. probability below normal conditions above 98%.
if i be you though, i would use the thickest condoms possible and check all organs that come into contact (mouth genitalia and so on) for break open wounds (including bleeding gums, acne, and such).
it sounds a bit rude, sorry, but if this girl cares at smallest a bit for you, she wouldn't want you to catch it too.

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