Can uterine fibroids end in miscarriages?

I have have 2 miscarriages in yesteryear year. :( One in October of 2006 and only been treated for another. I own had 2 pregnancies resulting beside no complications and healthy babies. During my pregnancy next to my son who was born within July 2004, I found out I had uterine fibroids which cause lots of pain during the pregnancy, especially as my tummy expanded! I own had no symptoms ever since but am wondering if this could be related to the previous miscarriages? The doctor wishes to remove them surgically but I want more children. I have 4 fibroids on the outter subdivision of the utereus about the size of knob limes as he described. Any one ever had this problem who go ahead with the surgery and consequently had successful births? And is it possible that they are cause the miscarriages? Thanks in mortgage for you help!

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Fibroids are generally benign in character. However they usually tend to increase in size during your period and during pregnancies because of hormones. It is possible that if your fibroid carry large adequate for the fetus not to be able to grown and breathe principal to miscarriages. I am pretty sure that the whole uterus doesnt hold to be removed with the fibroid surgery, they can purely remove the fibroids, so in opinion you should still be able to own more children.

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I'm so sorry for your lost. My mother have uterine fibroids when she delivered my brother and they be removed. She then go on to have my youngest brother and he be born happy and thriving. I think it's possible but I would suggest you ask your doctor give or take a few your specific circumstances. an side note: If you want to enjoy more children in the adjectives, know that "giving birth" isn't the only route to become a mother.

Best of luck to you.

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If you go on the network and search fiboids it will enlighten you what they are. From what I read you might be safe but single a doctor can tell you for sure. I could be completely wrong ,but it depends on location and probably other items not prearranged. Sorry I can,t help more.

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