Osteoporosis - Calcium, can you abet?

My wife/bestfriend has oestroporosis (spelling I know is not correct) diagnosed10 years ago, be drinking milk all her energy,since childhood (at least a pint a day) why does she own this problem, when her intake of calcium,I believe is more than sufficient

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Women are more prone to it than men after the menopause due to the changes within hormones.
Calcium tablets may help, but undesirably its not curable but you may be capable of slow progression down.

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more calcium would do more good, than injure,
calcium tablets are available most places, follow the enclosed instructions.
increase cheese & yoghurt, too.
or turn back to the Docs & ask his/her judgment.
for more in-depth explanation of the disease see links below.
but remember don't scare yourself or her beside the bad word.
stick to the positives.

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As the others hold said, hormones can play a part and so can genetic factor. However, it is not enough to in recent times take contained by tons of Calcium, your body needs a polite quantity of Vitamin D to help out absorb the calcium into the bones and teeth. That is why supplements of Calcium also contain Vit D.

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I too have Oesteroporosis.
I hold to take a calcium supplement which also contains vit D as you have need of this to help your body to engage the calcium.
Also Hormones play a major factor surrounded by this too.
Women need Oestrogen to assist the bone too. My periods stopped so I be lacking contained by this as well.

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To some extent osteoporosis, demineralisation of bone, could be considered chunk of the ageing process. It just affects some more that others.

Females loose bone more than males, especially post menopausal women. Poor diet and little exercise and even want of exposure to sunlight will all increase the risk, as will some drugs, prominently steroids.

There are a number of drugs which can be used, together near calcium to attempt to improve the moral fibre of the bone, the most common are bisphosphonates.

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