I've been checked by the doctor for adjectives STDs and I've gotten a pap smear and everything. My doctor tells me everythings ok. However, I still own this thick, white, smelly discharge coming out from my vigina and it stains my underwear. Is this common?!

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Yes it is normal.
Some women enjoy more discharge then others.
To preserve from staining your underwear wear a pantyliner.
changing it out for a modern one several times a day as you see needed.
Or if your not wanting to wear pantyliners your just other option is shifting your underwear twice or so a day.

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Ummm...no! That is not everyday. Go see a different doctor or go to the condition dept.

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It's gross but yes. I get it a few hours after I enjoy been excited.

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Yes it is normal, It is exceedingly possible that this white discharge is very similar to ejaculation. Does it occur more when you are hot and bothered?

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completely. almost every woman have it. it means your going to enjoy a period soon or other things (won't mention those). every woman's discharge is differrent and yours basically happens to be gelatinous, white, and smelly.

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Hey! yes that is totally run of the mill! trust me! did u get ur extent yet? i have the smae thing earlier i got my length, periods arent that desperate trust me! its a time u get to view movies all hours of daylight or go shopping! After more or less a yea of discharge ull get ur length! happened to me. You'll be a moment ago fine!:)

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That's call a yeast infection. Go to the drug store and get some Monistat and follow the instructions. If that doesn't finish the discharge, go find a different doctor.

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Some discharge is mundane, and it changes consistency near your cycle. Though it should not smell bad. I would hold a second opinion if within is a bad smell such as a fishy odor or any discomfort.

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The doctor should do a culture of the discharge. If here was no odor to the discharge, I would voice that it is likely to be a yeast infection - but yeast infections enjoy no odor. This sounds like an infection of some type. It may be in your best interests to desire a second opinion as your doctor should not be ignore your symptoms. Good luck!

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Actually, it is mundane. A woman's body goes through seriously of different textures of discharge fluid during a monthly cycle. When you are ovulating, the texture and consistency of your fluids will modification. This is just the body's mundane fluids, working in the natural lay down of things. I wouldn't worry too much nearly it.

My only explanation for concern would be if you were experiencing vulvar itching (in the vaginal lips) or if you be having burning during urination. Those can be signs of adjectives infection (like a yeast infection) or other types of bacterial infections, and should be treated by a ob-gyn, unless you've had them past and have a preferred OTC method for treating them.

I'm sure this is simply the typical discharge that you may have at unmistaken times during a cycle. The website helow has information on the different types of discharge and what they propose during your cycle, and also when and when not to be worried:


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Yes, this is normal. Every woman have discharge and sometimes it's heavy, other times it's street light. If your discharge was a green or sickly color that would indicate that you have some charitable of infection. You have to expect a smell also. Just focus about how it is down within. Warm, moist, dark, and roofed all year while you're walking around and sweating. It's going to smell but you shouldn't be worried. If you notice a dramatic modify in color or if it keep really bothering you talk to your Dr more or less your questions and concerns.

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