Where is the safest and affordable clinic or hospital in Houston, Texas for breast implant?


Im 10 wks preg n bin called spinal column after vaginal swab?

safest?? affordable??
take a uncertainty?? or save some money??

Just linger and save your money and go and get a good doctor so you don't stop up on TLC or the Discovery channel chitchat about how a doctor butchered you and took your money.

Is it posible to be pregnent and hold your period at like peas in a pod time?

don't be a boob
or two.
spend your money investing above the shoulders.
so when the rest have boobs on their knees and job as midnight waitresses , you'll have invested in a life span that's worth while

What color?

You do not involve implants. People should close to you for who you are, not how you look.

HIGH progesterone, Sore nipples. On Clomid. Day 30 of period. Can I be pregnant? PLS ANSWER?

Affordable--where is that. I guess if $20,000 is what you plan to spend... I guess $15,000 is affortable. Right.. Just pick a hospital--preferably the one the doctor is within to do the procedure.

I'm in tons spasm.. What will help my cramps?

Before you try surgery, you should try a safer..smaller number expensive alternative that actually have worked for many women. It's a suction electrical device, I'm sure you've heard of Brava..it's similar! Try YourLizzy.com, or BravaBreasts.com

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