When I got my first extent, I was so sick, I thought I have food poisoning. It was never that fruitless again but, now, I enjoy severe bloating during and after my period. When I speak bloating I mean my belly is distended and hard approaching there is a melon surrounded by me and it is painful to run to the bathroom. Could this be endometriosis?

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I own endometriosis and the pain feel almost like have appendicitis its unbearable to the point where on earth I can't move or function at all if you have it trust me you wouldn't need to ask. It also isn't really associated next to the kind of bloating you're describing. Its pretty occasional too(generally its genetic ask your parents if anyone in your household has suffered from it, I found out that my aunt have and she ended up have to get a hysterectomy), if you're really worried something like it you should go see your doctor and ask for a sonogram (which is roughly the first step to discovering endometriosis and/or other abdomenal problems: like an ovarian cyst) But yeah as for endometriosis I dream up your ok.
Good Luck, I hope everything goes capably :).


Nope. That is just bloating. If you have Endometriosis then you would be surrounded by SEVERE pains before, during and sometimes after your time of year.

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This is feasible just marine retention (bloating). I had this extremely bad at one point.the just relief be a heating wad laid over my abdomen. It really does help out with the distress.

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It could be, but endometriosis is usually characterized by lots of bleeding. It sounds like it could be various things ranging from fibroid cysts, and infection, to simpy retiain too much fluid. Go to the gynecologist.

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painful defecation is a clear sign of endometriosis. normal extent does not have any aching while defecating.

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I consider endometriosis is also when you get pains 'up nearby', I used to get them but I don't seize them hardly at adjectives now. It sort of feel like someone's adjectives you apart from the inside in a wierd sort of way. I also used to carry really sick when I got my term and would faint too but very soon I'm not too bad at adjectives. Maybe you should go to your doctor and take him to check you over. He may be able to recommend something that could relieve. Not being funny, but I found that have a no.2 and trying to kip would help the affliction and bloating a bit. Also Actimel has help my bloating and you can get pills call Waterfall that help too xxx

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Lots of women get severe bloating during their period, and regularly feel sick. But your condition doesn't nouns like endometriosis,

if it be symptoms would include:
Pelvic pain.
Severe menstrual cramps.
Low backache 1 or 2 days in the past the start of the menstrual period (or earlier), becoming smaller amount during the period.
Pain during sexual intercourse.
Rectal discomfort.
Pain during bowel movements.

Visit your obgyn if most of these symptoms occur, biddable luck!

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Contrary to some of the answers above, yes, it could be Endo. However, the only process to know for sure is to undergo surgery. It can be suspected base on symptoms, but it requires a histological diagnosis which can only be achieve through laparoscopy or laparotomy. The disease can and should be treated during the same surgery. The majority of women and girls beside Endo have be told that they have IBS or their headache is otherwise imaginary; surgery shows that abundant actually enjoy bowel involvement with their disease.

You might do all right to pick up a copy of "Endometriosis: a Key to Healing Through Nutrition" - it may help you cope beside some of the symptoms while you consider your treatment options.

See also http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/erc... to chat beside others who understand.

Good luck to you.

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