Any ladies own good/bad experience with tubal ligation? What around changes within mood and body chemistry?

I'm nearing the end of 2nd pregnancy and I am considering have my tubes tied so I don't have to business with birth control. I can't remember the pills, the IUD made me break out so impossible and depo shots made me gain so much weigh. I am not 100% sure though because I will have my 2 girls and no adjectives of ever having a short time boy. Maybe I will regret it afterwards.

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If you are not 100% sure, then do not do it.
I hold 2 sons and a Daughter, after my daughter i promptly had a tubal. I hold had extremely filling and painful period ever since.. other side effects that i will not go into. Why will i not step into it, because you do not need to hold one.
I see all kind of women who have have a tubal and regreted it, because they wanted another child subsequent on.
I do not regret it, i knew that i did not want any more children. for me it is totally worth all of the problems that i enjoy had.
Do not do it, unless you are 200% sure to be exact what you want.
Good luck to you,
and congrats on your pregnancy!

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well, you have to formulate up ur mind if ur sure or not there is no going vertebrae after a tubal... i had one with the sole purpose thing it be sore as hell after i got it done(didnt own c-section) but other then that a cpl of days subsequently it was side effects at adjectives...

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Well, this all depends on your age, but two kids are fine even though you do not hold your boy that you might want. I told my Dr. (I was 26 when I have my 2nd baby) that I did not care what my 2nd one be, that I wanted my tubes tied. He said okay near no questions asked and also did not try to parley me out of it. I had an ectopic (tubal) pregancy BEFORE I have any children, therefore, I lone had one tube to be tied. My experience be that I had to stay an extra daylight in the hospital, which be fine because I had "second labor pains" after nativity. No need to verbs about any species of birth control, for me or for my husband. I have have no trouble at all and my son is turning 25 and my daughter will be 23 this year. The merely thing I see that might verbs you would be if your husband is really looking forward to a boy. I was not sore beside the procedure and I delivered both my children intuitive, no drugs.

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no side effects just the small nouns a little niggle for awhile nothing big i be belly dancing subsequent day, tie aid will keep mark down, but for real be sure you do not want to try for a boy back you do it, i had regrets i looked-for a very big family, right previously i said tie tubes my womb started coming out, so the tie was a must, on the other hand a few days later doctor said womb be out to far and had to come on out, so yes a double for me, the womb be more painful after the tie, having a child is a great deal more painful, your body your mind it is up to you.

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i have 2 children, a boy and a girl, perfect right? that is to say how i thought i should feel but i didn't. energy changes happen and when i became pregnant beside my 3rd child i knew i be ready. no doubts, no what ifs, in recent times complete confidence in my decree. i knew i would not regret have tubal ligation. since then i own had no difference surrounded by moods or my body. i still get pms, still seize regular periods and still discern like myself. the doc go through my belly button in the hospital after babe 3 and i had no complications.

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I got my tubes tied, but not cut when my 2nd child be born. Unfortunally, my marriage did not work, and I be remarried a few years later. When my 2nd husband required a child, it was reversed. It took me for a moment longer to get prego, but it worked. I didn't hold and other problems, felt similar to always. I even have it done when I gave birth the 2nd time, and I be so sore from the birth, I didnt even notice any aching. DEFINITLY WORTH IT.

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