I think I'm shrinking..can breastfeeding or jog do that?

I'm 23

I had my pap smear and it come back out of the ordinary, the nurse that called me said i am diagnosed as have HPV.?

jogging can bring your spine to compress. you might want to see the doctor or chriopractor to determine if your spine is compressed. breast feeding could raison d`¨ētre you to become overly tired and thus you are not shrinking, just too tired to enjoy great posture

Is it safe to use a tampon to masturbate?

no, explicitly weird. Are you sure you are shriking?

I lost my virginity 2 weeks ago and the first time i did it i didnt bleed at adjectives but the next time i did?

You sure you are shrinking, I don't estimate so.

Birth control Pill ?

No it isn't possible, but with age (and you enjoy to be older than 23) you shrink.
Maybe other associates are just getting taller? Try measure yourself, if you really are worried. But I think it's nought.

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