I have a tubal ligation (cut and burned) done and stopped menstruating.?

So, my cycles were totally heavy and last 7 days after my surgery, then I have my last one contained by 2000, so it has be 7 years and all of a sudden I own this cycle start, not too heavy not even adequate to get on the sanitary napkin, but a cycle none the smaller quantity. I thought I had gone through menopause saw a Dr. but didn't enjoy labs done. I'm 38.Has anyone had similar cycles or problems after tubal ligation?

Can you explain this?

I have a tubal ligation 20 years ago and my cycles have continued throughout adjectives these years. A tubal ligation will not stop you from menstruating. You should still go through your cycles as regular because your ovaries, uterus, etc. are still in place.

That would hold made you only 31 when you thought you go through menopause? I've never heard of anyone have menopause that early.

If your cycle stopped 7 years ago and started rear legs again recently you requirement to talk near your doctor about it. I don't surmise any of it is a result of the tubal ligation.

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