Uterine fibroids?

If you have impulsive signs but unconfirmed uterine fibroids on an ultrasound report will a gynecologist typically simply do the "wait and see" item or should other tests be done? if so what test might she recommend? I had the ultrasound because of chronic abdominal/pelvic affliction and abnormal bleeding.
I'll be seeing my gyno on monday and am trying to be best prepared to product the most of my time. the u/s showed some abnormal areas that suggests fibroids are starting to form.

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i have many uterine fibroids. My precipitate symptoms were substantial bleeding during period and lump within lower abdomen. I have anemia as well. Because of anemia I be really weak and I have dizziness. SO I went to doctor and doctor found the fibroids by ultrasound.
In my luggage I had too several fibroids so I had no other resort then have a c-section surgery. If you have just 1 tiny fibroids doctor may remove it without have a c-section or may be you can squeeze the size of the fibroid by embolization ( blocking the blood supply of the fibroid). But only doctor can suggest you what can be done.
I have the surgery in 2005, afterwards I was 24. Doctor removed 28 fibroids but they grew again outstandingly fast inwardly 1 year. Luckily I'm pregnant now of 29 weeks beside fibroids as big as size of 20 weeks pregnancy.
Good luck.

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It depends on how generous they are,Also if they are benign or not.Did your Dr.run any hormone tests?F.S.H.Ask for that!Also,DON'T procure a Hysersctomy unless it is the last resort!

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