What are the signs of fertility when still breastfeeding?

I asked a similar question a while stern in regard to using breastfeeding as birth control, but today I have a quesiton nearly some mild cramps I have be recently have and wonder if they could be a sign of my fertilty trying to come back.

I hold three children. With my first son it took me 3 months after I quit nursing for me to have a interval. With my second son I got pregnant 2 weeks after I reasonably breastfeeding without ever have had my interval (yes i know you ovulate before a true period). I am presently nursing my 10 month old son. Do your period resume earlier near each pregnancy? I own not had a interval yet, but yesterday I did own mild cramps. Anyone else had a similar experience? Do cramps have it in mind that the return of my fertilty and periods are around the corner or are my hormones basically out of wack?

Does anyone know if there are any foods/drinks can create menstrual cramps worse? If so, what are they?

Cramps are not necessarily a sign of return to fertility. Most women will notice a big increase in their cervical mucus right past their first period returns. One woman who teach NFP with me describes it as almost intuition like you inevitability to wear a panty liner. The cervical mucus can appear as heavy and continuous for 1-2 weeks previously the first ovulation. Other women will not ovulate before they gain their first period. I would fire up you to take a class within Natural Family Planning and the teacher will give support to you learn what signs to look for and how to determine when your fertility returns.

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