Breast Implants as a Graduation Gift?

This is only for an article I'm writing. I of late want your opinions and thoughts
What is your judgment about parents who buy their daughter breast implant as a graduation gift?
Also what do you ponder about the girls who ask for them?

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I think it depends on the situation. As a graduation present I don't deliberate that is so much a dutiful gift. As far as girls who want them I have an idea that you should wait till your body is fully developed and if you are TRUE self conscious about small breast or you've have children or beast cancer or it is to net you feel better going on for yourself then it would be o.k. I used to not watchfulness for implants but after two kids and I'm solely 25...I could use some fullness back to my cleavage!lol

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Its stupid, id rather hold them pay for college or capture me a car or sumthin...

conceivably i say that cuz im not flat chested.

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Well if the daughter has expressed to the mother that she want's implant then it would be a suitable gift because they are moderately expensive. If she hasn't spoken about them at adjectives then they would probably be rather awkward, insulting, or a big shock.
Its really an individual thing i deliberate.

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I suppose it's really stupid and I'd like to know what is going through those girl's head.
I consider myself unlucky to have them inherently. I went through the worst sexual stalking about them through arts school. I get collar and back distress. Exercising is relaly difficult. Plus you trade in one problem for the other. You end up have to buy clothes one size larger. It really sucks when I go clothes shopping and snatch a size 6. Everything from the chest down is fits but I have to progress get a size 8 simply because of that one part of my body.
I conjecture it shouldn't happen.

What do you have a sneaking suspicion that?

I think they are a appropriate present, I would get them if my mother offered them to me, and I already know I am wonderful.

It's just a weighing up of society today, no matter what anyone say, today peoples (and especially women's) value are STILL judge almost solely by their appearance. If you aren't attractive, you're basically not worth anything.

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I never had a problem near needing breast implant. But if I were small chested I wouldn't see anything wrong near it. If I had a daughter and she asked for them (and needed them), I would research to find the best doctor but I wouldn't see anything wrong near it at all.

GirlsI don't know how this works.?

if the girl fels insecure almost her breasts then the girlshould acquire them a graduation gift if the mother agrees. its not such a impossible idea. alot of polite girls do it and if i needed them then i would ask for them as graduation contribution

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I think the parents are wrong for doing that and I presume the girls that want them need to win some self esteem.

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I would never give a girl that type of payment. If they want to do that to their bodies they can pay for it themselves.

I really reason parents should encourage their children to love their bodies for what they look approaching now.

The parents should really research the procedure as very well as all the negative and complications that other women have endure and what the long term risks are.

They should get sure their daughter has researched it to release as well. So tons girls go surrounded by without the acquaintance and research that they should be doing.

I also feel most do it for the wrong reason.

To get a guy: fyi guys love adjectives sizes, and hate the touch of implants. Do NOT ever get hold of implants because you want to carry a guy or want to keep a guy. He should love you for who you are.

Teased by others: who care? ignore the wisecrack and love your body. People will tease you nearly anything. They tease big breasted as all right as small breasted people. They will find adjectives sorts of reasons to pull somebody`s leg you.

But, ultimately, it is up to the girl. I think they requirement to wait until they are at smallest 25, see at least three plastic surgeons, ask tons of question, and just really research what they are going to do to their body... inserting foreign objects into oneself sounds strange.

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Try, or
You can insist on ANY girl who may be wanting implants to check it out first. Safer, smaller number expensive. :o)

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If you want breast implants after get them, but i'd prefer to find something else, like money to buy a coup¨¦ or something.

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never! think more or less it first!

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I don't think that asking for a loan would be a problem but straight out asking for that much money seem a bit silly.

I just have a Breast Reduction and would love if I didn't have to repay my parents back the AU $11,500.

My parents give me a watch when I graduate. For me personally I wouldn't even spend $1000 for a graduation present agree to alone $10,000. I just can't consider anyone spending that much money simply for a child graduating.

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better late afterwards never - nah, joking, doomed to failure idea, but O.K. to oblige self-esteem, why not?

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I think that if the daughter wishes them, she needs to get hold of a job and gather her money. I would not want my daughter to have unnecessary surgery, much smaller amount pay for it! There are risks involved and I would have a feeling horrible and forever guilty if something bad happen and I was bit to blame.

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I think the simply reason to acquire breast implants is if and solitary if the girl has subsequent to no breasts at all. The daughter asking for breast implant doesn't know what she wants contained by life - she hasn't even experienced the indisputable world yet! I judge a better and more responsible graduation gift would be something for college or a trip...but emphatically not implants!

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Absurd and foolish. Unless you are talking just about some sort of reconstructive surgery post accident or due to some sort of disease. Girls that age own no concept of the risks and couldn't care smaller amount that 10 years later they may want to (or call for to - depending on their situation) breastfeed their baby. How shallow (here honey, to show you how much we congratulate all your sturdy work we're going to give you bigger breasts!!). What is THAT? As far as the girls asking, they are childlike and don't have a grasp of the big picture if they are asking for implant. They are vain and foolish.

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thats up to the parents and child. however, if a parent goes along near this decision, its resembling telling your child you dont adopt them or their inadequacies and could in actuality further lower the self esteem of the child. girls arent done developing by 18 necessarily. tell her to lurk till shes 21. if by then shes still departed set on breast implants, resourcefully then find them.

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Implants are not a good item. It shows what is most on their minds, their looks, guys...etc. Parents really should stress that looks are not always what attracts a man. I would seriously discuss it beside doctors and other who have have them done. Down the road when the biological clock is ticking, what then? Irreversable smash up? You never know.

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dude. no course. au-natural is WAY better. fakeness from breast implants r stupid. i am what one would ring 'curvy' with double Ds and i look automatic.. if the person wanting implant wants to be bigger she most imagined wont look natural ( and may not be content right away with the current cup size and want them bigger.. have see people similar to this).. furthermore, if one wants to look close to Pam anderson or Dolly.. then walk ahead but i think organic appearance is the best.. and boobs are stupid.. one can just wear a pad bra or a fricking car dude. passageway better.

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That's a little wierd...and are you conversation about High School Graduation? or College Graduatiom? Well, any way, I consider there are better things you could gain as a graduation persent...vacation, jewelrey, money for college or to minister to pay loans, a coup¨¦, and whatever else a student desires.

For girls only?

I don't enjoy an opinion any way. I surface they should undergo psych exams to be paid sure they won't become addicted to cosmetic surgery in the adjectives. As long as they know their options, risks, etc culture should be able to ask for what they want. Whether they win it or not is a different story.

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