Why may I be feeling so fatigue for the recent past week?

Why may I be feeling so fatigue for olden times week? I took a pregnancy test today and it come out negative, bummer =(.I enjoy been intake right, but I have not gotten my interval..what might it be?

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Maybe you have a hormonal inequity. I had a really unpromising hormonal imbalance a few months ago and I slept constantly. I be only awake for possibly 6 hours a day purely because I was constantly tired. Go see a doctor and procure it checked out just to be on the past the worst side. And good luck beside getting pregnant. Sorry this time was a bummer.

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you may not be getting plenty sleep or you may be sleeping to much wich results in making you more tired.Or maybe you inevitability to start taking vitamins , because not getting all the nutrients you want could make you tired.Fatigue is also a sign of aids , and some thyroid problems. You could possibly enjoy mono.you should probably just dance see a doctor.

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