During menopause,do you hold shoulder pain and do you quality arthritis?


Easily out of breath & chest affliction?

The answer is yes on both accounts...i began menopause when i be 38 years old and i am very soon 60..and still going strong.I am suffering from osteoporosis and have arthritis surrounded by my hands and it go up from my hands to my shoulders and my collar..I never thought it would be this bad.. and means of access down deep i grain as though i am being punished for something I enjoy done in my chronological. I tried to be a good mother to my very soon deceased son, David, whom i give birth to when i was 19 years old-fashioned...long story short.i did the best i could with what i have at the time..i am heartbroken because he have an accident within 1996 at the age of 28 years old and i tried to be a polite mom to no avail ====Whoa, wait a minute!
i apologize to you for going sour the beaten route i didn't mean to lay adjectives this heavy stuff on you..please forgive me !! I hope that i answered your ask.luv, Sweetness #1

My breasts are tender and sore inside?

You can because inflammation is partially manage by hormone activities as very well as more specific cell-to-cell communication activities.

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