I am going through Menopause. I am not taking hormones or anything else at this point.?

I am coping pretty well beside the physical symptoms, night sweats, hot flashes, etc. I am have a lot of trouble coping beside the emotional aspects. I discern like crying most of the time. I am awfully irritable, and I have categorically no patience. I hold trouble concentrating and I can't remember anything. I really don't want to take hormones, which I know would comfort, but I am afraid of the side affects plus I have a ethnic group history of cancer. Has anyone out there found a sheltered alternative to this that has worked all right for them?

Tired all the time?

There are some inherent things you take, you can bring them at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, or a health food store. It will say-so right on the label for Menopause. I too don't cart hormones, so I don't know how those would work, I know the natural help some, but not as much as I had hoped. Actually, some weeks are better than others though, so I guess I can settle next to only mortal weepy for a week or so rather than weeks at a time. Definitely help the night sweats.
Good Luck!

You hold to wonder how someone came up beside the idea of taking pregnant horse urine anyway?!! Who would want to hold that on a regular basis?

Ladies, abet!! my cycle is lasting approach way too long!?

Black Cohosh(spelling). My wife uses a patch that have just plenty hormones to alleviate those symptoms. Isn't like the matured form of hormone therapy.

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I watch my Grandma and my mother both go through menopause. My Grandma took hormones and my mother did not. My mother go through two years of agony but but is doing fine on her own today. My Grandma is still taking them and is still dealing with the adverse form effects. They are female surrounded by nature and I would a bit not discuss them. Either way it is still greatly of crying.

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any time you feel irritable try to spend a few minutes alone...remember you are not the simply one going through menopause...anyone in the house you live is going through it too.it is very concrete on everyone.anytime you feel similar to lashing out at those around you remember it is a choice you make and hopefully you will receive the choice not to do it..my mom is going through the same item and i can tell you it hasnt be fun for anyone in the house.what i do when i discern irritable is remember...hey whats so bad...i own 2 legs...i can walk.2 eyes i can see...and i other enjoy the weather no concern what its like..it wasnt that long ago that i could not meander for a year due to multiple leg breaks... and then a stick to my eye vanished me without site for a while.
stay away from hormone theropy

Why is it green?

If you hold a history of cancer, taking the hormones would be a terrible notion, as I'm sure you know.

One option is to treat the mental symptoms individually. Many relations have honourable luck with St. John's Wort for depression (can be bought at the strength food store). Or you could go the more "traditional" route and enjoy a therapist prescribe you prescription.

But another option is physical. Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants nearby is, as well as on the way your focus. Going for a good run every time, assuming you are healthy ample to do so, may be a good boost.

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I hold read that raw life coconut oil is supposed to sustain with hormone level. I am almost 40 and my hormones have be out of whack (periodwise) so I tried it and it has worked! I don't own any perimenopausal symptoms yet, but I am sure it is coming.
I am not sure in the order of menopausal symptoms, but I would recommend going to any good healthfood store and trying some herbal remedies and see which one help. I thought I heard going on for natural creams you can put on your skin to minister to with symptoms of menopause. I am near you, I prefer the more natural route. Try www.nativeremedies.com and see if they own anything for menopause. I think they do. Remember what your intuition is normal, it will receive better! Good Luck!

I need help( women one and only )?

Menopause is a stage in time when a woman stops having her monthly time of year.It is a normal part of a set of aging, marking the run out of a woman's reproductive years.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause wishes 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of saline to reduce bloating associated near hormonal changes. More information and remedies at http://useinfo4.blogspot.com/

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