Can you own a baby near bilateral tubal ligation.?

iam a 26 years old.3 years ago i have a baby surrounded by got my bilateral tubal ligation rigth afteri have that i want to own a baby in a you think i will hold to get them untrid.within who can i go too.

Just woundering (plastik surgery?

Pregnancy after reversal of a tubal ligation is extremely occasional. I am amazed that anyone would've given you a tubal ligation at 23 for precisely the reason you own now unless in attendance was a compelling judgment for you to not get pregnant again.

You CAN, however, look into in vitro fertilization. They remove one of your eggs, fertilize it near your man's sperm and implant it into your uterus to get and deliver. This bypasses the need for the tubes.

Has anyone ever tried Trimspa?

Consult a fertility specialist. Depending upon the method of sterilization, it may be an trouble-free procedure, or it may be impossible (in which case artificial fertilization technique could be employed).

This is the exact reason most doctors will NOT complete tubals on women before they've have at least 2 children or are at lowest possible 30 years of age.

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