My spike is falling out and i don't know why?

i am only 24 and own thin tresses to start with.
I am lossing alot of fleece everyday
i have also gain 10 pounds .
I have not be over eating .
So here is no reason for it.

Aspirin Question?

Over processed coat by using chemical hair coloring.
Hormonal change.
Thyroid problems

Go have a physical exam done and blood work. If it is Thyroid is it normally misdiagnosed.
If your not pregnant..

then return with on a good vitamin and exercise program. Use mild shampoos and try a special Hair, Nail and Skin vitamin.

There is blood in my urine, but im not close by or close to my period, what could be the issue?

1. Destress.
2. Milder shampoo
3. Shampoo day by day, possibly twice a day if terrifically oily pelt.

My period is fundamentally heavy at times and clumpy?


Why does my penis bend downwards it looks resembling a question speck ..can anybody help?

You could enjoy a thyroid problem and it could just be surrounded by your jeans

How do i know if i started my period?

Badly dog-eared hair breaks at the scalp. To treat fuzz loss apply a little lemon liquid with some black tea. Massage very well and shampoo.Rub oil into the scalp. Wring out a towel in hot marine and wrap it on the head. Keep it on for 15 minutes. Shampoo and dry all right. Check out for more info.

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