Only 12 and own cravings for sex!?

I'm only 12 years antiquated and have cravings for sex! I don't know what to do. Help here!

Yeast infection?

masturbate, you are far too young at heart to have sex, but not too childlike to have these vibrations.

Aviane birth control?

Masturbate or use protection!

Could this be possible?

I had cravings for sex since I be like 9. Its no big agreement, live with it, and if it get bad, masturbate. Its typical and works.

Shaving Legs Question!?

it dont matter fracas the urge and do somethin else to get ur mind rotten it.

Please help, please please i obligation it more than anything right now?

Masturbation is the safest method to go just about things. It is natural. Do not enjoy sex with anyone but, no matter if you hold protection or not. You can a. get pregnant or b. draw from someone pregnant. Be careful and be not detrimental. Please!

Does it mean I own a bladder infection if it hurts when I pee?


Giving Head?


Biodegradable tampons?

Think it would be best to talk to your parents or a conservatory councilor. you are to young by just about 4 years to be worrying about sex

Sex vivacity question?

are you a guy?
later its normal
ive had cravings since i be 5
but if your a girl
then we can hook up
i can put you to rest.=]

My girfriend say that a substitute obgyn did a long anal exam on her that seemed not regular. Is this okay?

i woudl say masterbate to carry care of it

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