Women...birth control pills interrogate..?

I'm 23 yrs old, I haven't be on birth control pills for a little over a year in a minute. I don't feel approaching being on them. I don't hold sex often, VERY seldom, nor do I really concern to "hookup". I don't really have any desire to. Most women are on birth control, that I've talk to, even girls younger than me, it just seem like everyone is on them. I'm not a big follower of casual sex, as lots women seem to be. I won't utter I've never done it, but it's just not my item, so I prefer not to have to retribution for and have to remember to clutch birth control pills, when I know I most likely won't own sex...maybe 1 time.during the subsequent 6months. And I always use a condom anyway, during those pink occasions. Honestly, I be on birth control from the time I was 18-22yrs feeble, and I really feel similar to sex is overrated. I've been nearby, done that, not amused anymore. Am I just chance? Or does anyone feel one and the same? Should I get on the pill anyway? Thanks.

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don't assume every woman that is on birth control is in recent times on it because they want to have lots of sex. i be put on the pill at 15 years old because of ovarian cysts, but i be a virgin all through illustrious school.

that said, i individually wouldn't want to go sour the pill just because it regulates my interval. not to mention it lessens my cramps respectively month.

but you sound approaching you're a responsible person, so you don't NEED to lift the pill if you don't want to. it doesn't make you chance.

PS - Joan, another answerer, mentioned all of the doomed to failure aspects of the pill, but she neglected to mention that women who are on the pill have a lower luck of getting breast cancer.

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There are some women (myself included) that are on the pill to treat ongoing medical problems.

As for whether or not you should be on the pill, I would recommend discussing that with your dr as in good health. They will take surrounded by to account your vigour history to see if it's a safe preference for you at this time.

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Sex with someone you don't really trouble for isn't going to be great. Your not giving all of you and they aren't giving adjectives of them. If your really not that bothered, I would advise not doing it near anyone until you find someone you really love. You will really enjoy the sex after. And you won't be risky STD's with family you don't love (and condoms aren't 100% protection).

Birth control pill are a good method when you are within a relationship or if you sleep around and want double protection (I'm sure you know that you should always use a condom next to someone you don't know well).

Don't take the drugs if you don't want to. There are other pious methods that don't require remembering to take anything. Have you thought almost the implant? Or you could move to the UK where on earth contraceptives are free?

Nurse Emma

Is it true that while ur drinking alcohol & take ur birth control that the birth control wont cart its effect?

Going on the pill is not to be taken lightly. The pill have certain robustness risks and is far overrated. It can be hazardous to your health. The drug companies try to voice as little as is legal in the region of that and make the world similar to a sex haven for anyone who wants it. Society tell us that anyone who doesn't want it is a fool and something is wrong with that description of person. Forget the hype and be who you are. There are abundant forms of birth control. Abstinence is one of those forms and it is free. Save yourself the expense, bother and health problems if you don't want it. Who knows, you might want to be married some daylight and maybe your husband will appreciate the reality that you weren't out sleeping around all the time formerly he met you. We haven't even touched on STDs.

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It's really a personal decision. You clearly shouldn't feel approaching you have to be on the pill lately because other women your age are - it can have some side effects and does, at the lapse of the day, vary your natural chemical functioning.

Personally, regardless of whether i'm having sex I lug the pill, but that's just because the extraordinary pill I take stops period, and I hate dealing beside them!

If you don't want to take the pill, after don't take it. Of course it is other nice to have that protection, but if you're not have sex very repeatedly, then really you're contained by a situation where if the condom broke, you could hold the morning after pill (if it's legal where on earth you are, in some places it isn't). You could also try looking into other forms of contraception - you could carry the injection (once every 6 months, if I remember correctly) which would protect you without you have to remember to take a pill, or the drive in, which can last up to 5 years, near you only have to see the doctor once!

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I can't say aloud that I feel impossible to tell apart as far as the sex part-although when I was involved near someone that wasn't that great in bed and when I know that there wasn't anything in that anymore to keep the relationship going I didn't aid to have sex so I guess I own had times where on earth I felt that style. I think how you surface about the personage you are having sex next to and also, how good they are surrounded by bed, plays a huge factor in your libido. As far as the birth control pills walk, if you do not have a object to be on the pill then you shouldn't be on it. Women carry on the pill for many reason, contraception, medical reasons, they don't want a length or they want a lighter, more regular cycle,etc. As mentioned in another post near are side effects and risks associated with taking the pill-I would singular worry almost that if and when you ever decide to cart it. But unless you have a point for being on the pill, at hand's no point, it would be an inconvienant waste of money that could create unwanted side effects so, if you don't own a reason for taking it and your dr. see no reason you should whip, don't take it.

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