Breastfeeding and birth control?

Has anyone used the Mirena IUC while breastfeeding? I know it contains hormones. The info about it say "Ask your doctor if you are breastfeeding" yeah, I'm going to ask him...but I was a moment ago wondering if it was even a possibility while breastfeeding? Has anyone used it? If not, what DID you use for birth control while breastfeeding? I'm looking for pill alternatives, because I get regnant on the pill, without skipping any. How just about the implant? Another IUD? Or the of late the pill?

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i breastfeed 4 2years 7 didnt fall pregnate..(didnt hold a period any..yay)i was told to hold the mini pill ,but i have never be very righteous at remembering to take it so i didnt bother.But i enjoy heard of women getting preg while breastfeeding..remember doesn`t matter what u take go to ur milk

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I'm not sure how to answer all the question you asked. But I know it's true that breastfeeding is like a pure birthcontrol. Your body will not start it's cycle since you are nursing a child. I'm no doctor so it would be best to talk to your doctor something like this of course. Also I'm sure it might not be true for adjectives women. I just hear about this from professor surrounded by college that was adjectives into promoting breastfeeding. Hope this helps

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