Can you get pregnant if you enjoy cervical cancer?


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Yes. Cervical cancer does not stop your body from ovulating, and it doesn't prevent from sperm fertilizing your eggs.

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well i'm going through matching thing right very soon it's really hard for me to concieve and i own moderate cervical cancer so i really don't know

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yes, but I wouldn't recommend it until after the cancer has be eliminated.

Depending on how much of the cervix is removed during treatment it may be possible for you to pass a pregnancy to term. However depending on the course of treatment and whether chemo or radiation psychotherapy is used you might be left sterile regardless of the shape your cervix is surrounded by.

So if you have found that you hold cervical cancer and are going to undergo any treatments that might be off you sterile you might opt to have some eggs harvest and kept in crust you want to go own them fertilized and implanted at a later date, and if you are powerless to carry to occupancy you could find a surrogate mother to carry to possession for you.

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I am kinda going though this right now and my doctor be up front with me and told me that even though i am ovulating every month becuase of the giant tumor i enjoy )(fixing to have surgery) That I am not producing any eggs, so you may merely want to ask your doctor...

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