Two day long term and Fatigue What could it be?

I have a spell about 26-28 days. It usually is night light the first day. Heavy the second (like niagra falls) away from home the third and moderate to light the fourth and explicitly it. This months period be right on time but it be only two days long. The first day be moderate to light.. the second daytime was robust like usual period. later by that night it be gone. I also have have some fatigue but no tender breasts or anything else. What are the chances I could be pregnant. I also go to the doctor on monday for a physical and I took a pregnancy test nearby and it was distrustful but the doctor has programmed me for a blood pregnancy test when I stir in to carry other labwork done. I also had a tetnis shot which I read within some cases can cause fatigue but I be aware of like this fatigue have been going on for roughly two weeks now so days past the shot!

Could she just be developing?

Lots of things can raison d`¨ētre fatigue. Do you get plenty iron in your diet? If you don't munch through much red meat, you might be anemic (but I would imagine they would enjoy found that at your physical). When you sleep, do you wake up sensation well rested? If not, you may not be getting obedient quality sleep. Do you munch through a lot of sugar? Sodas? Change your diet to get through more veggies, cut out sugar/pasta/bread, and have protein near each feast. Exercise 20-30 minutes daily, and give somebody a lift a multivitamin (or something like Vitalert -- you can find it at Walmart). Good luck!

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