How likely is it for women to find pregnant while on the depo shot?

im on depo i hate man on birth control and always foreboding like im pregnant

I stipulation to lose my love handles!! and my belly?

all right, maybe u shouldn't be have sex

I need to pee!?


Why does women discern so sensitive during their periods?

less than 1 within 100 women will get preggo.

My spell goes away for a morning..then comes posterior?

I was on my 3rd shot when I get pregnant for my 4th child. A healty 11 year old presently! So it is very possible. I should know!

Period through my butt?

I know a few who hold gotten pregnant on the depo shot.

NO CONTRACEPTIVE is 100% effective, that INCLUDES the depo shot.

I be on it for four years and am so glad I got stale of it. I am on Kariva now and much much happier.

Girls helpppp?

It's 99.7% potent. Check out the depo site for more information:

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