AIDS quiz?

Im a female, 21 i havent have sex in a year presently and in yesteryear ive had unprotected sex. ive be checked 7months after the last time i have intercourse. everything came final negative.

does this indicate im good for the rest of my life span now? or do i enjoy to keep checking up to see if the aids will pop up?

and no im not have any kind of sexual relationship at adjectives or will i be in the future

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If you've been tested at lowest possible six months after the last time you have unprotected sex, you do not have HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS can rob as long as six months to show up on test results, but after that you should be capable of know for sure if you do or you don't.

"Window Period

The "window period" is the time it take for a person who have been infected near HIV to react to the virus by creating HIV antibodies. This is call seroconversion.

During the window interval, people infected beside HIV have no antibodies contained by their blood that can be detected by an HIV test, even though the individual may already have elevated levels of HIV contained by their blood, sexual fluids, or breast milk.

Here is what the CDC says in the region of the window extent:

"Antibodies generally appear inwardly three months after infection with HIV, but may bring up to six months in some folks."

This CDC definition of a three to six month window length has be commonly used for a number of years.

What does this be a sign of for you?

* The three month window term is normal for most of the population. Many nation will have detectable antibodies contained by three or four weeks. Very, very now and then (i.e., only a few cases ever), a soul could take six months to produce antibodies."

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The concluding I heard, within was a 10 year span that the HIV could pop up within the system .soooo I guess you have a long linger.

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HIV/AIDS will show up in blood work after 6 months after contact. You are fine, unless you hold any risky behavior (which you said you won't). Stay smart :-)

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Remember, AIDS can be transmitted by other means as in good health as sexually. It is a great thing that you are taking precautions. Continue to give somebody a lift the test to furnish you a sense of ease.

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Regardless of any partner you hold you always want to protect yourself. Checking for HIV/AIDs everytime you vary your sexual partner is always the best declaration.

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