For those who have have a tubal ligation?

Do you think it have reduced your sex drive? Has it affected your cargo? My bf seems to blame these on the surgery. I devise I'm just getting elder. Anyone had similar experience?

Does the food you drink affect the odor of vaginal secretions?

I have that done about 15 yrs ago. It have not affected anything. My sex drive is polite, my weight is frustrating, but specifically due to menopause and the inability to say no to food right presently. B/f shouldn't blame the surgery ~ every woman's body is different. What he needs to realize is that everyday accomplishments and stress can affect the sex drive. I wouldn't worry just about it.

Not feeling 'regular'?

no, the only piece it affected be my periods. They are much heavier presently. Tell your guy he doesn't know what he's talking around

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