I am TERRIFIED that I have HIV..is it possible? What do u guys surmise?

In my life I hold had unprotected oral sex next to 4 different guys..one time with respectively of the 3 and many times beside my current boyfriend.The 3 guys never ejaculated but i presently find out that they do not need to ejaculate for me to contract it?..And presently I am going through issues with my boyfriend of one year. We enjoy had unprotected oral sex frequently and unprotected vaginal sex pretty frequently but he have only "came" contained by me two or three times. But he goes to planned paternity a couple times a year and has told me that he is HIV neg. he get testd a couple weeks ago. But now adjectives this has be happening and I suggest he may have cheated on me which make me think our intact relationship is a lie? Do you consider he could have be lying about person HIV neg?He has come in me so that would suggest if he has it than i enjoy it.and even if it wasnt him it could have be one of the other 3 guys..can u get HIV when the guy does NOT ejaculate.i know ppl r gona detail me GET TESTED. i will but for now HELP!!

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You can undeniably get HIV even if the mannish does not ejaculate inside you. If you've had unprotected sex, you call for to be tested. Go to a clinic like Planned Parenthood and procure tested.

If you can't be responsible enough to be up to date enough to protect yourself, you beyond doubt should not be having sex.

It doesn't business if the only party you've had unprotected vaginal sex beside is your boyfriend, as you can still get it from unprotected and even protected (though this is much rarer) oral sex. If you don't trust that your boyfriend is verbs, you can request to see a record of his STD screening, and he should be capable of somehow (even if he has to administer the clinic a call) provide you with paperwork stating that he be STD free.,

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It is other possible. Get tested!

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go get tested they enjoy those hiv test kit at the pharmacy go to one out of your nouns if you feel confused.

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you should prolly step to the doctor's office and bring back tested

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You do not need to ejaculate to transmit HIV/AIDS. The penis releases fluid to prolong the "head" moist. Some refer to this as "pre ." I would start getting into the habit of using a condom regularly.
If he is resistant towards the conception push for it, you can also get creative. They own condoms with which you can put in vibrators and result in making sex more amusing. Etc. Ultimately if the person does not want to use a condom, next explore a female condom if you close to, but it is important that he respects your wishes to use a condom.

I other use a condom with my partner, even though we both know that we are STD (and HIV) distrustful. It just relieves a even of stress that you do not want to have while have sex.

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You know I'm not an expert but i do know that you enjoy to be tested 3 times negative to be properly HIV free. And i heard that the HIV virus can live outside of a man's penis for some reason that i forgot but its is always possible to contract HIV when you don't use a condom. I'm not sure if you can take if by oral but vaginal for sure! be strong and don't do things if you're not sure about them. Now you enjoy to get tested resembling 3 times with a 6 month interval between respectively. national aids day is coming up this month or the subsequent so you can get a free hiv theory test. good luck though it may be past due for luck now =/

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there is pre ejaculation aswell. I'm sorry but it was pretty stupid to hold so much unprotected sex without knowing the facts first.

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If you hold unprotected sex, you have be exposed. It can take up to 7 years to show so you will inevitability to be tested every year. With as much education out here on unprotected sex, HIV, and STD's why do you risk ruining your life. You obligation to be more responsible. If he won't use a condom then find someone who will.

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If you're at all surrounded by doubt, GET TESTED. There's no other help we can offer you right now.
You could enjoy gotten infected from having oral sex next to those other guys, and it's just be lying dormant and you haven't started to "feel" sick yet. Your boyfriend may or may not be cheating on you, or lying to you in the region of the results - regardless, it's your body and you're responsible for making sure it's okay.
The virus, if he has it, would be present contained by his blood and his "juices", so even if he pulled out, you could still get infected from oral or have his pre-"juice" inside you.

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Stop have sex (oral, vaginal etc.) if you don't know that you can get HIV from oral sex & vaginal sex minus ejaculation then you shouldn't be have sex @ all! Protect yourself @ adjectives times (condoms). He could have lately lied to you & said he has be tested & was refusal. Please go procure tested & protect yourself @ all times from in a minute on!

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If a guy doesnt ejaculate, there is still a small destiny that you can get HIV. single way u can know weather you hold HIV is to get tested

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