I'm 19 years old and im 5'7 next to a 3 month old...I consignment 135 but, im breastfeeding. Is that healty?


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Of course it's in good health. It helps the mom to attain back within shape. Nursing helps your uterus dance back to size. It is especially nutritious for the baby. Baby will capture a dose of antibiotics from the mom for the first six month and then again when you body realize you are weening baby.

Baby get hold of perfectly measured food source. When really hungry and sucking rock-hard baby go and get high butter milk. When only need comfort and not sucking hard infant gets lower obese or skim milk :-) if you will. Quite the design wouldn't you say?

As for your size, it does not concern. Women have be nursing for thousands of years, since the beginning of time. All sizes and shapes. Enjoy your babe and remember how he/she gazes up into your eyes as you hold him/her close during nursing. It is a time you will cherish the rest of your life span.

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It's fine

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Sounds good to me.

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Yes, it's clean.

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why wouldn't it be? Why don't you ask your gyn.

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You sound 'idyllic' to me ... but that is minus knowing your 'bone structure' and how much your baby is consumption at each collation. I'd try to 'eat a bit more' and 'drink a bit healthier' until you wean your infant ... you can do exercise to keep your bulk the same, and you and the babe both will be 'better off.'

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It depends on what you started at. If you are starting to lose weight for no cause, then go and get to your doctor. The baby will agree to you know if he/she is not getting enough to get through, so I wouldn't worry too much something like that. Just make sure you are intake properly and getting all your vitamins to leave behind on to the little one. Good luck and congrats!

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Ok, and the problem is?

as long as your baby is feed properly, getting full and growing all seem to be fine.

just bear care of that precious tot


Its enormously healthy as long as you don't smoke, do drugs or drink alcoholic beverages. Eat in good health balanced meal. You want the milk to be as nutritious as possible. You have to drink lots of hose so you won't get desiccated. But other wise it is extremely healthy for you and the babe-in-arms. :)

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You are fine. Just be sure to eat vigorous (add approx. 300 - 500 cals a day) and take a prenatal vitamin and calcium.

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I dream up its OK... as your BMI* is 21.1...you are neither overweight or underweight... here are the categories...

BMI Categories:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

* [Body mass index (BMI) is a consider of body fat base on height and consignment that applies to both adult men and women.]

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AT 5'7'' 135 is considered your ideal body substance, so you're not underweight by any means. Just hold your calorie and fluid intake up and there shouldn't be any problems.

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It sounds vigorous

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I live surrounded by the USA, breastfeeding is ok, as long as it is done privately, and not in public places( use other means to nurture your child).

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it's healthy as long as you are taking in plenty calories daily. i'm sure your doctor have explained to you about your calorie intake emergency. I was a mother at 19 also and breastfed and lost my pregnancy consignment and then some tangible fast , but i wasn't finding adequate time it seemed to munch through as much as I needed to. I didn't last 3 months any so good undertaking!

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too skinny

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