I have suffered beside endometriosis for over 17 years (and it's associated bowel/bladder problems etc) I have be lucky enough to hold four children, but I have miscarried also.
I am sick of popping painkillers, none of the drugs they enjoy given me have worked suitably.
I am exploring alternative means of torment relief while I am waiting for the hysterectomy I entail, as I am having problems near long-term codeine use.
I'd like to hear from anybody suffering from endometriosis that have found some relief from the pain/painkillers.

What do u deem of OB tampons?

Endometriosis is a really terrible piece. I have the most cramp during mid cycles. This is what works for me. Diclofenac fast release tablets. It's used for anti-inflammatory purposes, such as rheumatoid arthritis but it works wonders on me. I steal the birth control pill too, which helps a bit. But i found a miracle cure for the excess anguish. Heat always seem to help, but visibly i can't walk around next to a heat pack. But consequently i found Thermacare packs. http://www.thermacare.com/menstrual/inde...
They really are amazing.

Pain killer suck, but this particular one have little risk of damage or addiction.

I'm so sorry you've have to suffer for so long!
Good Luck and I hope this helps you out.

A dream query?

Endometriosis is a treatable condition (although it can be recurring surrounded by some women), and there is no source why you should have have to have suffered for seventeen years near only painkillers to support you. Your doctor should have tried several hormonal treatments, resembling putting you on a low-dose birth control for a while and then trying a complex dose if/when that didn't work. If after a reasonable amount of time of the hormonal treatment worn-out, they should have surgically removed the extra endometrium. If your doctor did not exhaust those treatment option to his fullest, and he/she has individual been giving you painkillers and afterwards told you that you need a hysterectomy from it, I would look into suing for malpractice, as he agree to you unnecessarily suffer from a common and confidently treated condition.

If this is not the case and you own a particularly aggressive, rhythmic case of endometriosis, next I don't have an answer to your palliative question. I'm sorry it's cause you so much suffering, but I simply don't have the experiences you're asking for.

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