How can I avoid breast soreness during my subsequent menstrual cycle?


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You can't really avoid breast tenderness, but you can do things to generate it better. I have alarming periods, so I enjoy tried TONS of medicines. I consider the thing that works best for things approaching cramps and sore breasts is Extra Strength Tylenol. Most people will read aloud to me, "No way - what give or take a few Midol or something?" Personally, I think Midol is more of a placebo than a actual medicine. Try Tylenol. The other appropriate thing nearly it is that it is NOT aspirin/ibprofen - so, if you have a headache and want to pocket something else, you can! And, it's not as harmful to your stomach any because it is acetominpohen. Aspirin is much more harmful to your tummy which will suck if you hold cramps. Also, only wear cotton bras. MUCH more comfortable. Good luck, hun! :o)

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Taking Evening Primrose is supposed to help - but it will lift a few months to get into your system properly.

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cutting down on the caffiene helps me.

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Eliminate caffeine.

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