Tubal Ligation, has any woman have it?

I am 27 weeks pregnant, and will be 40 next month.
Hubby and I want to do something more permanant as far as birth control because I am getting elder and have other medical problems.
Please, can someone describe me about this?
I want to enjoy it right after the birth of my daughter, at least to be exact what the doctor tells me. That she will do it right after the tot is born.
How do you feel after? Are at hand complications?
Ect. Ect.
anyways, I really appreciate it!


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i had a tubal after my third child.. i have very dodgy high risk pregnancies.

it doesn't hurt when they do it. and the defacement is typically in your belly button where on earth it can't be seen... it take a while for the incision to make a correct scar.

it really doesn't join too much to your recovery after have a baby anyway.

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Its less invasive for men than it is women. As for risks for you, nearby are always risks for any surgery. Talk to your doctor in the region of it, weigh out other options and step from there.

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How do you go from 27 wks to 40 that rushed? That is new to me! It is much easier for the man to achieve his ugh hughs clipped! He can go fund to work with contained by a day or two...I would research contained by to that more! Less pain and stress for you!

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i have it done and they knicked my bladder. you need to ask more or less all the risk and also look into a vasectomy.

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I had this procedure done 23 years ago. I never have a problem with it. Never any complications any. It can be done soon after you give birth and mostly you can't even see the scar.

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I had a laproscopic tubal - though it be not right after birthing a baby. I don't know if that add complications into the mix or not. It is best to talk to your doctor almost that. I have 3 small scar where they inserted the standard lamp and laproscopic tool. 2 of the scars are only just noticeable as they are contained by my belly button region. The other scar is above my pubic bone, and also it is awfully small. I did have a small complication of my belly button not beneficial for a few weeks. My doctor said she had never see that complication before. My belly button kept "weeping" small amounts of fluid - similar to the laproscopic hole was not hermetic all the process. Please be aware that you can have complications more serious, but this should be discussed beside your doctor. I am so happy I go through the operation. No regrets here. I was competent to go rear to work in three days. The first day I be very unsettled from the anesthesia, and sore around the belly. Really minor things - except I would not have needed to have a kid to take consideration of the first three days after this surgery!

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i'm really sorry i can't help you contained by this situation at the moment

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