I just have a Leep done last week. Is it possible that I enjoy cervical cancer?

I have other been a total hypochondriac. I found out I have hpv in april and I freaked. Then I found out my friends have it too so I was unruffled for a few weeks. My doc said my pap was a touch abnormal and she considered necessary to do a colpo. So I had the colposcopy/biopsy done a few weeks ago. The doc found moderate dyplasia within one of the 4 biopsies she took. So i had a small leep procedure. Doc said she will do another leep surrounded by 3 months if nessecary. She said she wanted to remove plenty but not too much. I have a follow up contained by 2 weeks. Now I am reading stories online about women that find out they have cervical cancer after they had a leep procedure. So presently I am going crazy with misgivings of having to do chemo and going shaved. Or even dying. I always consider the worst things. It's become an obcession. I spend hours on the internet reading other womens stories and I end up really depressed after.
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Don't hysterics - chances are, everything will be FINE! This is such a adjectives thing - tons of women enjoy gone through this! For every bad item you read on the internet, there are probably thousands of untold stories of things that turned out fine - if you solitary knew how frequent women have this condition (approx. 1 of 4!). The majority of time, the virus clears itself up and women enjoy no adverse affects. Others have to enjoy the LEEP, and then that take care of it. Sometimes women own to have more than one LEEP contained by their life to hang on to things in check, but if it was more serious your dr. would explain to you. You've gotten a headstart on it so I definitely wouldn't verbs about it person fatal!! You are infantile and doing the right thing, so don't verbs.

Keep getting your repeat PAPs, and asking questions of your dr. or nurse - they contract with this adjectives the time. I didn't think they would do another LEEP so soon after the first one, because I thought the skin needed time to treat before another PAP could be done to determine if here are still abnormal cell. Check with the dr. roughly speaking it for sure, and don't stress out!

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well i can solely tell you this, lurk and find out what your doctor finds and please don't be afraid of depressed. i've had crohn's disease for 8yrs presently and i haven't let it draw from me down,
so don't let this hdv of sv bring back you down, go on living your go from day to afternoon

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I regard if you had cervical cancer it would hold shown differently on your pap and your colpo. Go to www.webmd.com and do some research. There are different readings from the pap. The first is ascus. It mechanism something is abnormal but they aren't sure what. I make out how you feel because I'm like peas in a pod way. Hypochondria is not fun. I have two abnormal paps and after a colpo. My biopsies came rear legs normal. Your doc is probably purely wanting to make sure everything is ok because it's better to block things early. She'll probably want to keep hold of a closer eye on you since you tested positive for HPV. Another place you can do research is www.mayoclinic.com. These are legitimate medical sites that will administer you the facts.

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they a moment ago post the bad things that come of it not the righteous things your reading what 1 out of a 1000 had found from this theory test the chances of you have cancer are 1 out of a 1000

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I am a carrier of HPV, and have dysplasia just over 10 years ago. Dysplasia can front to cancer if left untreated, but patently you were treated. Keep next to your follow-ups (mine were every 6 months for 2 years). I be treated with cryo, enormously little discomfort, and remain dysplasia free.

It is important to know which strain of HPV that you own, as not all of them basis female cancer. See if your doctor can identify the strain, and if it is not one of the ones that cause feminine cancers, try not to verbs as much. This is not a death sentence for you by any channel!

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When a woman has an unexpected Pap, usually the results show cells that are call, " Atypical" ( all this medium is that the cells are not what the doc would expect to find on a Pap Smear). It doesn't tight Cancer but, when a result such as this is found, it tells the doc that further trialling should be performed. It used to be that when such results be discovered, the LEEP Procedure was automatically done. However, today,a Colposcopy will be done. When the results of a Colpo ( a severely uncomfortable procedure), show change,again not necessarily Cancer but, if not treated, it may become Cancerous. The LEEP Procedure is the treatment for Dysplagia( or to remove the cell that are" Atypical").It is standard to have repeat PapSmears every 2-3 months after a LEEP. Once you hold had @ smallest 3 normal Paps after the LEEP, after you will need to own a Pap once a year. It's scary but, it is best to follow the counsel of your OB/GYN Doc. As a reminder, a Pap Smear result is not to detect if there is any Cervical Cancer but, is a eyeshade to determine if the cells are what they are expected to find. The Colpo is done to re-evaluate any cell that are not usually found on a Pap Smear. It is best not not to read about "horror stories" online ( easier said than done). The LEEP Procedure is, relatively often, the prevention of developing Cervical Cancer. They enjoy, now, determined that HPV ( Human Papillo Virus) is the impose of Cervical Cancer. Now, there is a vaccine available to relieve prevent this. Please, if you have any unreturned questions,contact your Doc's department and speak with a Nurse. They own information pamphlets available that will explain, in detail, the purpose of a Colpo and LEEP Procedure. Good luck near your 2 week follow-up!! Just follow the advice of your Doc !!

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