Mri- guided ultrasound psychiatric therapy for fibroids?

My wife has a 15 cm fibroid. She is 50 years matured and just graduate from engineering school. She would close to to get a employment, but a hysterectomy will put her out of the market for longer than she'd approaching. Uterine Arterial Embolization is not an option since she is allergic to iodine used in the procedure.

My cross-examine, has anyone have MRI-guided ultrasound therapy for this condition? How did it work? Any lead on where it might be perform (other than Mt. Sinai) in the Northeast?


The implant?

That will not work for adjectives kinds of fibroids. Only intra-uterine ones and anyway, you hold to be prepared for hysterectomy as well contained by case anything go wrong.
I m sorry, I dunno the place but wish you honourable luck!

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